Questions to Help you Find Your Home

Christine here. Before we meet, I would love it if you answered the following questions. This will help me find a place you can happily call home!

  1. How much do I want to spend each month?

  2. What area do I want to live? A certain town or part of town?

  3. What are my biggest priorities? Yard size? Number of

    bedrooms and bathrooms?

  4. Is there a certain style of home I am more attracted to?

  5. Am I willing to buy a fixer upper? If so, just mainly cosmetic or something with more work involved?

  6. Are there any other deal breakers? (Won’t live by power or gas line? Must have cable available? Don’t want to be on a busy street? Have to have a fenced yard? Etc...)

  7. Do I want a one story home or a two story home or does it


  8. Anything else I should know?